Monday, January 25, 2010

Yes to the Dress

To elaborate on my previous post...I'm getting hitched! Yup, ball and chain. Husband and wife. Significant guy proposed in the most beautiful way on New Year's Eve...
I've never had 'The Big Day' planned out. I never imaged getting married for all that mattered. So this is new territory to me. It's kinda fun. Especially when it comes to the attire.

Given that new wedding dresses cost an upwards of $500 and tend to look cheap and unimaginative, I've decided to pull together two used thrift store/ eBay purchases myself. One-of-a-kind, resourceful, AND cheap! This is the start of Cheapskate Tip #4 ladies and gentlemen! Let the ideas flow!

In looking for some inspiration, I've tracked across some of these amazing designs. I heart these designers. They are my heroes and then some...
St. Vincent de Paul's Discarded to Divine's designers have shared some amazing ideas for wedding dress reconstruction. This dress is made completely of denim that was bleached white and assembled into this amazing detailed Victorian silhouette.
Again, another Discarded to Divine designer created a very unique bustle out of vintage linen handkerchiefs. To learn more and to see other amazing clothing re-builds from the Discarded to Divine fundraising and awareness movement, click here. (both images above via, user St. Vincent de Paul Society San Francisco.)
Janay A Handmade's custom wedding dresses are drool-worthy. This dress had me at hello with this classically perfect design. Can't get any better than that. (image via
The base dress I will be using is a halter-style cut. Designer Jenny Packham's halter dresses are the almighty being of halter cuts. (images via images &
And last but not least, this bride looked flippin' fantastic wearing this English Dept's custom-made vintage inspired gown, from head to toe. (image via

Stay tuned for the evolving dress under construction.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Belated New Year

Here we are already. Marching forthright into a new decade...

This holiday season flashed by so quickly. In a matter of a few weeks came four birthdays, two deaths, one engagement...


(Image via Lee Burridge flyer)