Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Big..and Small...Bit of Inspiration

I absolutely love short films. There is nothing like trying to satisfy all five elements of telling an interesting story--plot, character, theme, conflict, and setting--all within a short amount of time. To boot, short films jive with my extremely short attention span!

Another love...stop-motion animation. How creative yet patient must one be to create such a work of art? If you haven't heard of the talented studio Aardman, (Wallace & Grommet, Chicken Run, etc.) then you are in for a new treat. This group has several good ones under their belt.

I had to share with you this bit of creative inspiration during the mid-week slump. Without further adieu, I present to you a team called Sumo Science who have paired up with Aardman Studios to bring to you two challenges: The world's smallest stop-motion short animation and the world's largest stop-motion short animation.

Small bit of inspiration, "Dot"--
The making of "Dot"--

Large bit of inspiration, "Gulp"--
The making of "Gulp"--