Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New...Last Year?

(image via Bizarro Comics)

Happy New Year! We are finally living out the infamous year of 2012. Approximately 342 days left on earth. Then that's it. We're all toast.

Now that I have your attention, (let's admit, we are attracted to the dramatic and outrageous) I'm going to list out my 2012 predictions.

We live out our lives in a half-sleep state. We value our comfort zone. We like to play everything safe. Vote for the old familiar. Predict our outcomes and live accordingly. Yes, I'm including myself in these assumptions. For those of you who do not fall under this category, stop reading. You rock.

But everything is breaking down all around us. Bookstores and record stores are closing due to modern electronic conveniences. Our personal information is monitored and sold to greedy corporations all the time. Jobs and homes are lost daily due to corporate greed. Politicians are paid off by greedy corporations. Wars and societal unrest wage on due to corrupt politicians. Everything is bottle-necking. This is not the end of the world as we know it. This is the end of an era. 

The 2012 revelation is up for interpretation. What is a revelation? One definition is bringing to light the knowledge, either positive or negative, which has generally been hidden from most of humanity. In other words, revelation means "to reveal."[1] 

This year will be very revealing. Some things might be within our control and steerable to something more advantageous, and some things might be out of our control and end up disastrous. Either way, we need to open our eyes.

I began writing this post as a new year resolution for myself. But as I look around and listen carefully, I wish this for all of society. Return to the roots. Simplify the over-complicated life. Fight power and its toxic affects. Stay sharp by reading more often. Elect to learn something new each day. Strengthen creativity, as creativity is the best coping mechanism available to humanity. Most importantly, love and live life to the fullest. Love and positivity are systemic--which is much needed amidst the entropy.