Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hooded Sweatshirt Love

Sweatshirt. The ubiquitous Hoodie. (Sweatshirt with a hood.) Sounds pretty dull and slightly dirty. But...the sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple. Needless to say, nothing soothes your soul more than wearing a member of the sweatshirt family.

So how can we feel comfortable in our sweatshirt gear, yet look fashionably spot-on? Here are some tips to finding the right type of sweatshirt to fit your style:

Here we go! This looks like the abominable snowman went to the dark side and got himself a bad tattoo! Okay, enough of my shenanigans...
I love this equal balance of sporty stripes and feminine lace, via www.oasap.com. If you are not quite so bold, there are many options with less lace and less color.
This sweatshirt screams sporty feminine and can be a lot more versatile with its neutral coloring, via www.spool72.com.
Have you broken in your favorite sweatshirt and it is oh-so-soft, yet you are tired of wearing the same thing year after year? Not to worry...you can get some Urban Outfitters inspiration (pictured above) and iron-on or sew on a small bit of lace. A heart is one of many easy shapes you can cut. As you see here, it need not be perfect to lend that adorable "squeeze me" look.
Studs are the trend this year, though, will take you through many years of love if classically designed. This particular style for women, via www.revolveclothing.com, adds a blanket of sheen to the backside. Nice surprise, huh? And men can wear this look too, but careful--a little goes a long way (example via topman.com.) You can pop these studs onto your already-owned hoodie in just a few hours.
Leather is timeless. It can be part of your sweatshirt family too! Albeit sleeving or the bodice, the texture gives a great spin, for gals and guys. Both images via grechenscloset.com and Alexander McQueen, respectively.

The sweatshirt design does not need to conform to one specific look that we have known throughout the decades. There are so many amazingly unique handmade sweatshirts and hoodies crafted by talented artists. Below are some of my favorite picks.
Sick of drawstrings? This is a great alternative--long wraps function as a built-in scarf for multiple styling opportunities. Brought to you by Mnemosyne, Etsy.
Experiencing winter doldrums? Not anymore! This hoodie is handmade with unique fabric and screams happiness. Brought to you by Mandalinarossa, Etsy.
What? There is an option to wear a hoodie WITH leggings? Comfy haven for sure. This longer alternative keeps your assets under wraps! Brought to you by Sophia Clothing, Etsy.
Have a hot date but only want to wear comfy sweatwear? Well, now you can! This killer classic military-inspired hoodie is my ultimate favorite. Best blend of comfort and style. Brought to you by Re:Deux Clothing, Etsy.

As you see, sweatshirt items can do you a favor and keep you comfortable and fashionable with the right blend of design and do-it-yourself. Anything of inspiration can be made by you. Or, support a crafty artist. No need to look like this, folks.
Or, this...
Happy end of winter!