Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Addict

We did it again. We have another baby. We bought a new house, (actually, it's an old house). We are living in this beautiful mid-century modern home by weekday, and by weekend, we are back at the home renovations with the 1920s stucco bungalow.
We originally intended to stay in our cool little stucco 1925 home when renovations began about five years ago (read about our journey here, here and here,) however, changes in our jobs have brought us to another city.
Once renovations and finishing touches are complete, to market it will go. Makes me sad...I miss our renovated kitchen that was tailored to my culinary whims. This house was so fun to decorate, too.

It's like sending our child off to college. You take care of it for so long, make improvements and watch it grow into something so beautiful before your eyes...and then you have to let it go. Facts of life, I suppose.

I will keep you informed as we head into this butt-kicking journey. One thing's for sure...that pendant light in our new mid-century home has to go! (Here's where it all begins...again.)

(All photos via Art and Facts)