Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cheapskate Organization

Trying to get my "girl cave" organized these days. The indicative evidence of hobby ADD surrounds this room. Paper collections, fabric stacks, yarn, jewelry supplies, painting wares...either tucked out of sight or a victim of a good, swift kick. I have been unable to find what I need, when I need it. The worst part is, I seem to forget what I own. I run out to buy what I need and later discover I already own the damn item! Something had to be done about this.

I feel another Cheapskate Tip coming folks! If you are a pack rat like us, I'd say you have about a 95% chance of finding something you already own that you can use for organizing the other crap in your house. (I reserved the 5% of not finding something you can use, because you most likely have something you can use, but you can't locate it in your home!) 
Enter: IKEA's Flyt cardboard magazine holders! We had purchased many of these because we are magazine hoarders collectors. (I'm seeing a theme here as I type this...We need help.) My thought was...why should they only be used for magazines? 

Use them for yarn organization as they are. I was able to cram an entire moving box of yarn into three magazine holders, and then tuck them away neatly in our vintage tool cart.

Cut the tops down so that they have a straight top. This shorter design allows easy storage and visibility of your art pencils and markers. Score! I can see what and where I'm storing my supplies! 

The great feature about these cardboard magazine organizers is that this project has no bounds. These things can be customized to your decor or personality with paint, decoupage, or freestyle drawing.

Hope that you look at other items in your home for other purposeful uses before tossing it out. Not that I'm advocating hoarding, but you will surely save some money and cut back on wasteful consumption. Happy organizing!