Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Summertime Pedi 'Cure'

It's summertime which means that it's that time to shake things up a bit! Break out the shorts. Throw on the tank tops. Paint those toenails some crazy color!

Over the years, I've collected some offbeat nail colors that were marked on clearance in the beauty store. Yet, I've always resorted to the classic red or intense mauve during the bare-all season. Not any more. This summer I will try something different. The (pedi) cure for summertime blues.

I thought back to my family descent when I saw the yellow and blue polish bottles in my drawer. That's when the idea was born. I cut small strips of Scotch tape to create the flag design and the rest is history.

The tools are readily available in your home...tape, toothpicks, paintbrushes, to your heart's content! 

I became inspired to see what others are doing in the broader world with their toes. (Hubby caught me searching for pedicures and was convinced I have a foot fetish!) I assure you that this post is merely an homage to bringing out the inner artist in you. Starting with 10 tiny blank canvases is the first step. No pun intended! 
Design style by way of mod stripes and floral via
Textile simulation with embroidery and Burberry plaid via
Celestial and aurora borealis bling via
Critter loving - cheetahs and ladybugs via