Thursday, August 28, 2014

Afternoon Quickie

It's been hot here in Texas, and I've been finding myself retreating indoors as of late. The house has seen itself rearranged and well cleaned. The internet hours are overused. And Netflix is getting a run for its money.

After all, summer programming is a bore and I'm always outside during the fall and winter season. So here I am, getting pulled into shows on Netflix that I never thought that I would watch. One of those shows is "The New Girl."

There's no doubt that Zooey Dachenel has pretty cool throwback style. She brings out her fashion style with her character, Jessica Day, which is part of the fun in watching the show. One episode in particular had me craving this adorable adorned neckline sweater.
Of course there wasn't any possible way I could have THAT sweater. However, when there is a will, there's a way. I could have a VARIATION of THAT sweater....

I hit pause and began to dig around in my dresser and craft box.

Basic tee. Yep. 
Jewels. Nah. 
Permanent marker. That might work. It's fast too. 

And so my road to instant gratification began. 
Marker ink bleeds so it's generally a good idea to use a partition such as a cardboard box or Manila folder. Clip that tee into place. No sliding is allowed when creating with a steady hand. 
I drew the bow on similar to how Jess's sweater was designed. The pointillism technique almost looks like stitching or embroidery. 
Wham. Bam. Thank you. Ma'm. A cute tee in a quickie. Thank you Netflix. How serendipitous was that?!?