Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Holidays--Turkey Slumber

Happy Thanksgiving! Pre- or Post-Turkey slumber and all!
My new favorite vase, courtesy of Anthropologie

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wreathing Around

Much of the US has received much colder weather temperatures by now, thanks to Super Typhoon Nuri pushing the arctic air southbound.

This snuggly weather combined with the looming holidays ahead had me in the mood to decorate. Yet, I'm not mentally prepared to surround our home with all things Christmas. Let's just take each holiday one step at a time, okay?

As you know from my previous posts, I'm a sucker for door wreaths. I grabbed my basic vine wreath (that I use for every occasion) and wrapped it for warmth with burlap. 
I decided that leaving the frayed end hanging looked pretty neat. To retain my wreath's many looks, I fastened the burlap with a safety pin in the back, as it strong yet impermanent. 

Now, a turkey is needed for this Thanksgiving wreath. I had a piece of this pretty laser-cut card stock from a wedding I attended last year. *I know, I have a hoarding problem!*
The "lace" portions of the card stock looked like turkey feathers to me. They just need a bit of a re-arrangement. 
Glue together. I used hot glue because of its strength and speediness. 
I left the pointy portions of the paper alone, since I imagined them as turkey legs. I cut a free-handed circle and glued on as the bodice. Sometimes imperfection is best. The button topped off as its head--holes make the eyes. I'm going for abstract here.
My little pretty turkey needed a beak. I went through my craft supplies and found an orange feather and cut the base of the quill for use of the beak, gluing on of course.

This little turkey cost me nothing! Zero. Zilch. This wreath didn't cost me a dime. I utilized items I already own and love the challenge of creating something new each season. 

Now, to complete the wreath, I pinned in a cluster of cranberries (that I have had forever) and hung a sweet starburst ornament we bought last year for our mid-century home. Little Miss Turkey found herself a spot too. She was attached with floral wire.

Happy Thanksgiving!