Thursday, June 4, 2015

Product Placement

Now that we have finally condensed under one household, we are up to our ears in stuff! I tackled some of it by way of donations, other things by way of clever disguise. I was going through a handful of our magazines recently to determine whether it was absolutely *necessary* to keep so many magazines. I wanted to share this clever drawer organization tip that I found in one of the magazines.
The use of lace and upholstery tacks to buckle in those wild bath products. Brilliant! This is a great Cheapskate Tip because it uses materials you have at home to organize your drawers! I just might try this out, but instead with scrap leather or suede strips.

Another moral to the story...take photos of your favorite magazine articles and blurbs to whittle down on the magazine clutter!

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens magazine.