Monday, June 22, 2009

Keeping the Chaos Organized

Literary critic and essayist George Bernard Shaw was quoted to have said, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
Wow. Are we going about things all wrong here? I've been plagued with "finding" myself my whole life. What seemed like proactivity to me was in reality, passivity. I've seen career counselors, taken all of the personality tests, and stared at the mirror demanding that I get with the program. Nothing. I love too many things!
So here I sit, writing out my first blog. I will repeat this Shaw mantra to myself and get things in order. Well, maybe just organize the chaos.
This blog is a project in "creating myself." It will ascertain my passions. It will provide an outlet. It will be a humorous comic illustrating the joining of two separate worlds by cohabitation. Best of all, it will share with you all the many things in the world that bring us joy. And that is what life is about. If we didn't take joy in the little things and share them with others, what else is there?
So. To start, I share a little artifact that was of some enlightenment. Now, I'm normally not the type to stand around in the 'self help' section of the bookstore, but this book by Barbara Sher finally helped me to realize my career conundrums. I'm a scanner and there's nothing wrong with that! Sher illustrates that scanners were typically the prime rib of society until the 1950s--when the need for specialized trades became the sirloin of the future, leaving scanners as the salami of society. But salami is truly great. Recommended for other folks who are feeling the career conundrums.

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