Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time to Slow Down (Finally)

A lot more has happened since our wedding. I accepted a new job--which required that I live in another city--and we finally went on our honeymoon! Yes, in that order! Life really throws some curve balls, doesn't it?

While we are indeed newlyweds living torturously apart at long-distance, this is not something new for us. And moving away again was not something I willingly signed up for, I just needed a good job. That sure is hard to come by these days. Someday the stars will line up for us between love and career. As for the honeymoon--I'll have to divulge more in the next post. It was amazing.

With the quiet nights alone again, (mind you in an apartment without a television) it has very much freed up some time to get "it together". My first project consists of organizing my photos that have been unwillingly neglected for the past five years.

I stumbled across this photo that I completely forgot about, which was taken at around July of last year at sunset. We couldn't get over the visualization of a face forming in the sky. Proclamation: Absolutely no photo manipulation was rendered on this photo.
What do you think, should I say it's Jesus and sell it on eBay? My earnings from the high bids could allow my husband and I to live under one roof again!

Check out this hilarious blog as an homage to the occasional Jesus peek-a-boo.
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(photo via Art & Facts, copyrighted)