Saturday, November 9, 2013

Infinite Style Options with One Garment - The Convertible Dress

Is your closet busting at the seams but you are tired of everything you own? Are you in a creative fashion rut? Is your closet small? Are you a minimalist? Well, honey, have I got a cure for you!
(Photo via Fascinating Julia)

The infinite convertible dress! You can see for yourself that you can create over two dozen different looks with only one garment! That's right...ONE garment! The first step is to choose a style from the plethora that are available:

Bubble convert dress via Loretari on Etsy

Two-toned ruffle mermaid-style convert dress via Miss Lee Apparel on Etsy

Retro Belted Button Maeve Convertible Dress via Anthropologie

Classic short and classic long convert dress via Two Birds

We've been seeing them on bridesmaids a lot lately. I think its a classically varietal look. What is best about this dress, is that it suits multiple body types. Each bridesmaid can choose the convertible look that she feels most comfortable in. Depending on how the dress is tied, the bridesmaid can draw attention to or detract attention from the body part(s) she wishes. They are mainly an empire cut, which is flattering on all body types. Win-win for the bride!

Speaking of weddings, bridal dresses are showing up the convertible format! What a terrific idea! Two different looks between ceremony and reception--the bride sheds some fabric so that she can boogie down!

Long-to-short convert bridal dresses 
(Via Hayley Paige)

I've worn my convertible dress more in one year than any of my other dresses. I'd like to see more out there with convertibles. Convertible romper? Convertible pantsuit? Convertible tops? Bring it on!