Thursday, January 1, 2015

OMG 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

The first day of the new year is cold and wet. Our beautiful spring-fed river steams as differences in temperatures collide. 
This view is the perfect setting to reflect.  Not only did this year play out in fast forward, but the entire decade flew by. The first thought in my head this morning was not "what will my resolutions be this year?" was, "OMG, 2005 was a decade ago!" Now 2005 didn't hold any major significance for me personally, but I remember that year significantly. 2005 may have been positively significant or disastrous for some of you. Nonetheless, 10 years ago feels more like 5 years ago! Do you feel the same way?

Here non-exhaustive list of five events that occurred in 2005. See if these facts give you that same 'OMG' feeling.
1) Canada and Spain become the fourth and fifth countries to to sanction same-sex marriage. [We are now at 10 countries that fully allow + 2 countries where same-sex marriage is legal in some jurisdictions.]*
2) YouTube was launched in the United Status on February 15th! [Our lives have been forever changed the past decade.]*
3) On July 24th, Lance Armstrong retired after winning his record 7th consecutive Tour de France victory. [If we only knew then what we know now....story of our lives, huh?]*
4) Hurricane Katrina causes devastation in the Gulf Coast, killing more than 1,836 people and causing about $115 billion in damage. [Today, full recovery has yet to be obtained.]*
5) On October 19th, Saddam Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad for crimes against humanity. [This year-long trial was a big step for Iraq's judicial system, however, by exposing the crimes of the regime, the trial seemed to intensify sectarian conflict.]*
It's important to look back at global historical events (in addition to our own personal histories) to better reflect on our lives moving forward. As a matter of fact, being able to recognize patterns is what gave humans their advantage in the evolutionary process. In this new digital era, people are now contending against machines. We are also contending against ourselves--we can be our very own enemy sometimes. 

So, instead of seeking out resolutions for 2015, I desire to achieve a delicate balance in my life moving forward: Living in the present always by quieting my mind from the nostalgia of the past and the unknown anticipation of the future. By looking back to my past only to identify patterns, in effort to continue toward self improvement. Knowing that I can't beat myself up for bad decisions made in the past, but to do my best with their outcome moving forward. Living in the present slows down the clock and prevents those 'OMG-where-did-the-time-fly' moments. I acknowledge this process will not be easy but on a positive note, pattern recognition is ingrained in humanity. We just have to open ourselves up to allow it.