Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween everyone!

Courtesy of the neighborhood flavor.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Different Strokes, Different Jokes

I recently moved from Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX. Only an hour by distance, but worlds away by the vibe. I thought the best way to illustrate the slight differences were by way of fashion styling. Obviously Fall 2009 has it in big for shiny satin fabrics, bib necklaces, layered chains, detailed belts and pleated, ruched clothing. Although both cities have their own unique wonderful offerings, both are also undergoing unusual growing pains. I couldn't help but poke fun at both.
Austin: "Nice loft. What do you do for a living to afford this kind of lifestyle?"
San Antonio: "If I hold out my purse one direction, it will provide a counter-balance to my sexy flamingo stance."
Austin: "You want to dance with me? I know I'm hot, but I'll look flattered."
San Antonio: "It's a tough job as a secretary, but if I dress right, my boss just might take me out for some shots of Stolichnaya."
Austin: "I think about so many things going on in this world that I forget who I am."
San Antonio: "I have a younger 'hippie' sister who lives in Austin who just doesn't know who she is. At least I know that if I look like a bejeweled Pomeranian, I'll woo everyone at tonight's social soiree."

Show me your city's local magazine fashion shots. Better them to me with your own sarcastic jokes.
(images via Tribeza & SA Woman magazines)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pondering the Ensemble

Each year, we contemplate the ensemble for Halloween. Having the opportunity to dress up like someone or something else (with societal approval) gives us a giddy feeling. I'd actually like to dress up on a random day besides Halloween and see the reactions of others. That would be a separate experiment...

After Halloween is said and done, I strangely find that when returning home, I am more than happy to peel out of the costume and return to myself. We seem to look forward to being someone else, only to find that we appreciate who we are after the change was made. Maybe its the temporary feeling of "checking out" that appeals to us so much.

That said, I've been obsessing with the costume choice for this year. In years past, I've always made my own costumes. I hit the thrift stores, search the internet, and re-visit my past memories for that certain ah-ha inspiration.

I found these little costumes on the internet that had me giggling all night. There's something about kids dressed as food that I can't resist.
Sushi and sashimi anyone? (image via
I'd like some shrimp on the side, please (image via
A cupcake for dessert will satisfy that sweet tooth! (image via
Can't wait until breakfast to devour those waffles! (image via