Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Teachers. We've had them in grade school. But it doesn't stop there. As adults, we continue to meet and connect with others who teach us about ourselves. Growing and learning are mutual. Without teachers, we would be stuck in a non-beneficial pattern. Perhaps you might have several teachers in your life right now, without realizing it.

Hubby is my teacher. My family members are my teachers. Our friends are my teachers. Even random strangers I have interacted with fleetingly have taught me something. Working from home has been challenging since my human interaction has waned significantly. Computers don't teach. They cause aggravation if anything. At the end of day, sometimes I need to scream.

However, I have discovered that there is one little living being that I spend the most time with, who is also my dog. Each day, she provides to me an intrinsic connection to mother nature during these hot days holed up inside the house. She is my little reminder to live each day to its fullest. She reflects love and devotion. She enforces the sensory aspect of life. She is balanced.

What my dog has taught me:

1) Follow your nose and your eyes. Breathe in and truly look at your surroundings each day. 
2) Sunbathe no matter how hot it is! A dose of sun does wonders for the body. 
3) Explore...Always be curious. 
4) Continuously love, no matter how imperfect the object of your affection may be.
5) Exercise each day. It makes you calmer. 
6) Make time to goof around and play no matter what your age.
7) Equally make time for naps. 
8) If you find yourself near negative or unstable people/environments, just leave.
9) Remain devoted to your pack, but seek some time alone when needed.
10) Enjoy food as if it were your last meal. Do this every day.
11) Make new friends, always.
12) Cuddle with your favorite person.
13) Be you, and only you. 
14) Enjoy where you are and who you are with at this very moment. It could all change someday.