Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving greetings, all! Life seems to have surely sped up within the past month and I feel like a can't get a grip. It's unfortunate given that this is the time of year that we need to slow down and reflect on all that we are grateful for.

Speaking of lack of time, I wanted to update our wreath to something more Thanksgiving-ish and less Halloween-ish. I had about 10 minutes to do so while dinner was simmering. I (of course) used items I already had laying around, so I'd classify this project as Cheapskate. What else would it be?
Here's the finished wreath hanging on our door. My camera is really starting to show its age, isn't it?

I typically like to construct my Thanksgiving wreaths of colors in orange, beige, and/or gold family. After digging through my scrap fabric, I found this strip of orange silk crinkle tablecloth that would be perfect for wrapping the wreath. Leaving the wreath in its natural state would have worked too.
I had plenty of fabric remaining after I wrapped it around one time, and decided it would look cool just to leave the rest hanging.
I also found in my scrap fabric bucket a beautiful sample upholstery fabric piece. The beauty in the fabric samples is that most are selvedge-sewn on the edges so they look nice and neat as they are. No sew! Whoo hoo! I wanted this perfect square of fabric to transform into an oversized bow. A simple accordion fold and wrapping in the center with the hanging piece of fabric did the job.
Oversized bows are floppy. They have to be pinned in place. Locate some sewing pins that match your fabric color to discreetly pin the top of the bow corners in place.
Use another pin to secure the hanging fabric that you wrapped around the center of the bow. Pin in back. Wreath is complete!
Here's to hoping you find a little time to focus on something you enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!