Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Fashion Doldrums

We have been lucky this summer season in Texas. What is normally 5-6 months of 90-100 degree temperatures has been shortened to 3 months. Now that it's starting to heat up, the idea of wearing clothes in general doesn't sound fun.

I've always been in favor of the winter season because I love scarves, jackets and layering. My creativity for getting dressed seems to fizzle out in higher the temps. I find summer clothing completely boring! Shorts and tank tops? Same old summer dress? Meh.

How can I solve the problem of looking chic while staying cool? (Sometimes it's too hot to wear a hat, blazer or even cuff bracelets.) I've put together my own list of jazzy, lightweight items to wear when hot, to make you look hot but not feel hot.

Kimonos seem to fall in and out of style each year. I personally think if you buy a classic print and cut, you are always in style no matter what fashion-mongers dictate.
Leave it to fashion icon Nicole Richie to pick out a classically styled lightweight kimono. The sheerness allows breathability and the length will protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays.

I like to partake in this look when I travel, because lightweight scarves take up the least amount of suitcase space and offer the greatest amount of versatility. When tying a scarf into a shirt, all you have to wear beneath it is a tube top (or go commando). Easy breezy.
With so much versatility and color, there is no way to get bored or sweaty with this clothing staple. Photos via Hermes knotting cards.

Hats can be hot, but hair bling, depending how it is constructed and worn, is relatively cool in hot weather. There are a potpourri of options out there. Find something that works with your current haircut and taste. Don't be afraid to wear something daring.
Go big, go colorful...
...And go versatile. Hairpieces are not just for hair. Clip them to your tops to transform the look, as shown here by Giant Dwarf.

I love the look of rope in many forms on the body, above or below the waist. Needless to say, it is a pretty inexpensive purchase at your local home furnishings or craft store, to make your own adornment. 

From head to toe, rope evokes summertime ease. Photos via,, and, respectively.

Share with me any ideas you have run across that are interesting yet cool during hot summer days. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fireworks at the Door

Happy Fourth of July all! 
I have another Cheapskate Tip that I whipped up last minute...a quick fireworks wreath made with feathers, fabric and any wreath you already own!
Slide in the feathers. The brighter the better! Red (or blue) is best.
After you have the feathers secured symmetrically, you are ready to add fabric.
I had this blue spandex scrap fabric laying around, which made it easy to wrap. Secure with fabric pins.
There was one small area that was a bit of an eyesore so I secured a white silk flower to cover it. I used a white flower to fully represent the red, white, blue color scheme. Any of the materials you use can be colored interchangeably (blue feathers, white fabric, red flower...) It's all about using what you already have laying around!
Fireworks at our door in 5 minutes!

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday!