Thursday, November 11, 2010

Location, Location, Location!

It's been almost a year now that my fiance and I have been racking our brains for the perfect location to tie the knot. Little did I realize that I'd be revisiting my statistical problem-solving skills to come up with a venue that is: a) about the two of us, b) beau-ti-ful, c) cheap!, d) close in proximity--unless we elope, e) encompasses our needs, and f) fewer rules.

There are many ideas we've run across that definitely meet criteria a) and b), however, may not satisfy c), d), e), or f).  Or, the venue may satisfy criteria choices a), b), d), and e) but not so much item c) or f).

So here they are--my favorite options devastatingly unable to solve my equation. May they bring answers to yours.
Orchid Greenhouse Wedding at Shelldance Orchid Gardens; Pacifica, CA
Texas and Pacific Railway Station terminal lobby; Ft. Worth, TX
(image via
Barr Mansion; Austin, TX
(image via Jessica Monnich)
Haiku Mill; Maui, HI
(image via Jana Morgan)
Vista West Ranch; Dripping Springs, TX
(image via Amelia Tarbet)
Hotel St. Cecilia; Austin, TX
(image via Trip Advisor)