Friday, June 29, 2012


I've been on a rampage to clean everything out and simplify, amongst all of the house renovations. I suppose they go hand in hand, when are trying to work on an area of the house, but can't, because there is too much stuff in your way to make it worthwhile.

The problem with having a love for all things vintage, items that were gifted to you, or items that you find unique and oh so that you are deeply attached to much of it. Yet, I know I could relocate myself to a beautiful island with hardly anything in tow and I probably won't miss it! But that won't happen, so I'm keeping it all! Why do we find it so difficult to part with our things?
(image via it-thing)

Human psychology points to many facets of the human mind. Many of us are attached to things because of sentimental value. Some of us buy to get high. Accumulating might be a form of showing off. Maybe, you are salvaging something from trash but haven't fixed it yet, or haven't found it a home. A hobby can turn into some type of collecting habit. Or...maybe the method to accumulation is just a way to feel better about ourselves and the boring lives we live. Each item that I run across probably hits home every one of these aspects. But confronting is the first step. We have made some good strides in minimizing as of recent, and it feels good!
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The big controversial question I have to know is: What have you done with your wedding gown, after the wedding? My wedding dress is still hanging on the hanger, never touched since the day we were married. The 'Ego' side of my brain thinks about researching for a good company who can preserve and box my gown away from dust, mites and other harms' way. The advantage to this is that I will have my amazing vintage gown for life, in the same condition it was on our magical day. It was such a sentimental day--I have to keep my wedding gown!

But then the 'Id' part of my brain says, "what's the point of keeping something sealed up in a box? You will never look at it or wear it again! Sell it to someone else who can also have a truly amazing day in it! The gown is preserved in photos and your memories!"

Ego: "But maybe my future daughter will want to wear it on her wedding day."

Id: "What if you don't have a daughter? Or, what if you have a daughter and it doesn't fit her? What if she doesn't want to wear your gown, or she thinks it's ugly? You sure are gambling on that one..."

Ego: "It was MY wedding dress and it will be MINE forever! No one else can have it! I can look at it and reminisce."

Id: "Sure, go ahead and spend $200 to preserve and box it up. Then, shove it in your closet with the rest of your items that you forget about..."

Okay, I think you get the drift of my mind's daily struggles...I suppose the question is, whether I can really let it go. (Revisit paragraph 3.)

With the help of online resources, many brides are letting go of their dresses by selling to other brides to be. Some brides are even trashing their gowns. I find that completely wasteful, but whatever floats your boat. (Again, maybe I need to revisit paragraph 3.)

So tell me, is it kosher to sell or donate your wedding dress? If you have parted ways with your gown, have you regretted it? If you have preserved your gown, do you find it a burden to store it? Please share!