Sunday, October 11, 2015

Creepy Cheapskate Wreath

Halloween is around the corner, and it should be epic being that it will be observed on a weekend this year! Of course, I cannot neglect the hanging of a spooky wreath to commemorate such a fun annual event. And if you know me, I never follow through with making the same thing twice. B-o-r-i-n-g. Also, you know this wreath will be of a cheapskate variety. Yep. Cheapskate wreath, folks!

I wanted all black this year, with a vintage vibe. I was also craving feathers and lights. I wasn't sure how I wanted it to look, but I just begin and let it all flow from there. Here is what the finished product looked like, before I strung on the tiny LED lights. Apologies for the sub-par photos.
Here's the scoop:
Find the same old scrappy wreath that you use year after year.  This project isn't the cheapest Cheapskate Tip I've shared..I admit that I purchased a few things for this one, rather than utilize items I already have in the house. However, the items I purchased totaled $7! There are so many variations that can be made with these supplies too. I divulge in some other ideas below.
1 feather boa, color of your choice (I purchased this at a craft store)
Paper crepe streamer, color of your choice (purchased at craft store)
Raven, or other creepy object (purchased at dollar store)
Computer/ paper/ printer
Glue stick
Wrap the crepe streamer around the wreath for full color coverage. Start and finish the wrap with a pin.
Stop what you are doing in attempt to get your sweet but attention-seeking house critter off of your project before it rips.
Give your house critter the attention she deserves. I discovered that my dog looks great in feather boas, and pretty convinced she felt just as glam.
Ok, focus. Anyhow, after pinning the crepe streamer, this is where your imagination can fly. I had an extra amount at the end after I cut it, and wondered what it would look like if I pinned the extra across the inside to make a banner for something to be glued on (as pictured above.) At this moment in time, I had no idea what I was going to glue onto my banner.
Next, grab your feather boa and wrap it over the paper crepe, cognizant of the the length. The boa was a much shorter length, so I had to create distance with the wrap. Again, pin the start and end of the boa to the wreath.
Here's what it looked like. I was loving the texture. I stared at it like this for a while and thought that gluing the word "boo" to the banner is an inexpensive, work-with-what-I-have tactic. I took to my computer and found a font that I was happy with, and arranged the letters in various sizes on one page to ensure one of the sizes would work best. Print page.
Cut out the letters. Since the font is black and will be glued on a black background, I cut outside of the letters so that there was a white outline. I was not a perfectionist with the cutting, as I felt the more erratic my cutting was, the more creepy it would look.
Glue the letters onto the banner with glue stick. Presto. Done.
Close-up of the banner. You of course, do not have to opt for the banner, and could make a black flower with the excess crepe streamer. You could cut the excess and not do anything with the crepe. Another option would be to leave several streams of black crepe hanging from the bottom of the wreath to tickle and scare those who pass by. Maybe next year...too many ideas.
I felt like my wreath needed something else. I wanted it to be black too. I didn't have anything at home that would work, so I made a trip to the dollar store to see what I'd find. I scored this cool raven for, you guessed it...$1.
His feet were already wired underneath so I punctured the wire into the wreath and he stayed put. I wanted illumination next. I had this LED "candle" and propped it underneath the raven. It looked okay but I wasn't quite satisfied.
I had some LED string lights at home so I wrapped the wreath with the string lights. It looks pretty nice at night, and the tiny LEDs aren't too distracting during the day.

What a cinch of a Cheapskate Tip to share this Halloween, and I hope you have a spooky one!