Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stepping Out of Our Shells

Warmer weather has indeed moved into the area. There's no stopping summer temperatures now. We had an early start to summer and just returned from our vacation from the beaches of the western Caribbean. My, oh my...how we needed that R and R.

Don't be a hater ;0)

Perhaps it's in part to taking the time to sit on the sand and look closely at it's genetic makeup of fine seashells. Perhaps it's the warmer weather getting us outside more often. Seashells have become front in center in my world as of late.

Here are some small, very simple rituals I performed with seashells this spring season. Take something that is connecting with you this season and do the same. It's nice to slow down when we can.
Guest bathroom beach dreams in vintage jars

Tillandsia creature nest

Micro-pendant made by nature